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My 3 Words for 2013

As an integrative dietitian and empowerment coach with 20+ years of experience, my main goal is to help women age well, feel confident in their bodies, and create the healthy lifestyle they desire and deserve.
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I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what my three words are for 2013 (haha). Well, wait no longer!  Here is the big reveal!

But first, let’s take a look at my 3 words from 2012 and recap how I did.  My three words in 2012 were: Expand ♦ Collaborate ♦ Create    

How did I do? Well, looking back at last year’s post,  I think I rocked it out! I wanted to pursue practices that “expand” my mind. I did that, I took a functional nutrition class and an herbal class.  I also wanted to “expand” my focus to help people in different ways…I definitely did that, I co-founded both Midori and The Detox Kitchen and worked with more clients than ever before on behavior change and mindful eating. I wanted to “collaborate” with other health and wellness professionals.  That was probably the most fun in 2012. I collaborated with health coach Lisa Cummings, meditation expert Richa Badami, design coach Mina Fies, blog consultant Cory Gallant, and cleansing coach Ryan McGrath on lots of fun projects.

And finally I wanted to “create” new products and services. I definitely did that with Midori, my group Detox and The Detox Kitchen! It seems I had a very productive year professionally. Personally, I didn’t do as well. I wanted to “create” daily practices in my life that kept me focused, inspired, and centered. I definitely put “me time” on the backburner this year. Although I was focused and inspired professionally, I let some personal goals slide.

So what’s in store for the coming year?   

My three words for 2013 are:  Educate ♦ Strengthen ♦ Content

“Educate” is a constant for me. I love learning myself and I love teaching others. This year I’m partnering with Ryan McGrath in The Detox Kitchen, a local monthly membership cooking class where we plan to spread the life-changing health benefits of eating clean and living the detox lifestyle to as many people as possible. I hope to create a community around this idea and inspire my students and clients to teach others as well!  I also want to keep learning myself and will continue my studies in functional nutrition and herbals.

“Strengthen” is going to be my biggest challenge personally. I have a labral tear in my right shoulder and I need to focus, really focus, on strengthening my body and healing. I also intend to strengthen my relationships with friends and family. Last year was a really busy year and I was unbalanced in my “me” time and my work time. I will spend more quality time with Norah and those that I love. I will create a daily meditation practice. I will work with an accupuncturist. I will make my self and my physical health a priority.

“Content” is very important to me right now. Because I’m starting a few new programs this year, I want to provide the best and most helpful content for my current and future clients and students. I also need to focus on filling my own mind with the most useful information as well, and thus plan to be very deliberate about the content I consume each day.

So that’s it. Once again, wish me luck.

And of course I would love to know your intentions for the year!  What are your three words for 2013?   Please share!

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