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   ou deserve to understand yourself, your relationship with food, and the root of your food behaviors.

Whether you’re looking to quickly reset your nutrition habits, build a lasting change within your diet, supercharge your metabolism, or kickstart the new version of you as you glide gracefully into midlife, there’s a Food Confidence Course for every health-seeking woman.


Nourish 21 Healthy Eating Reset 

This 21-day proven lifestyle changing clean eating reset will supercharge your health and completely transform both the way you eat and the way you view your diet and nutrition habits.

I host this super powerful program LIVE four times each year: winter, spring, summer, and fall — so no matter which season you feel most inspired to make a change, this healthy reset is there to support you. 

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the best part:

Being able to transform your relationship with food in just 3 weeks, so you can kickstart lifestyle changes, boost your energy, and start losing weight!

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Nourish For A Healthy Weight: Achieve Positive, Lasting Weight Loss Results

the best part:

Recognizing your core beliefs around food and weight, and the ways they all affect how you eat — so you can actually make real lifestyle changes.

This group coaching program will teach you how to confidently turn healthy choices into a consistent and automatic reflex in your daily life, so you no longer have to feel paralyzed by fear, doubt, or food guilt.

With 6 core masterclasses and monthly live coaching calls with me, you’ll be able to create a toolbox of strategies to help reprogram your beliefs and finally get you unstuck.


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Metabolic Mastery: How To Improve Your Metabolism

This 12-week course is designed to help you increase your metabolic flexibility, trust your body, and manage your weight as you age.

Equal parts curiosity, creativity, strategy, and alignment, Metabolic Mastery is a personalized experience for the ambitious, health-seeking woman who knows exactly how she wants to feel in her body, so she can move gracefully into midlife and beyond.

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the best part:

Being led to a place where aging occurs with grace and confidence, so you can feel perfectly capable of creating the healthy lifestyle and body you want.


Fasting + Food: Find Out How To Become Metabolically Flexible

the best part:

Never feeling hangry again.

Feeling hungry all day long isn’t normal. Neither is feeling sleepy after you eat, or irritable when you don’t eat enough. These are all symptoms of inflexibility; they’re not “just the way your body works,” like you may have been made to believe.

Inside Fasting + Food, a 4-day fasting program, you’ll learn how to increase longevity by ‘turning on’ cell-based rejuvenation, and decreasing inflammation in your body.

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If now’s not the right time for you to invest in an online course or nutrition and lifestyle coaching program — no problem! I’ve got plenty of free resources for you to browse, as you kickstart (or restart!) your health and wellness journey.

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Hi, I'm Danielle     mar

Registered Dietitian & Wellness Lover, obsessed with using nutrition and lifestyle coaching as a way to help women unlock the fulfilling lives they deserve.

And if you’re ready to make a change, challenge your comfort zone, and finally live the way you want to, I can’t wait to help guide you through your transformation.

With every lesson, no matter which online course you choose, you’ll get closer to the lifestyle, mindset, and — most importantly! — self love you desire.

& nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than being the person who gets to give you that gift. 


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Looking for personalized support?

While group online nutrition and lifestyle coaching and online courses can be great options for eager women who want to reach their goals, weight loss and wellness changes can be highly personal — which is why I offer one-on-one private health coaching services in addition to my online courses, so I can serve you discreetly, with a plan custom designed for YOU.