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   eady to help you make a change


How We Can Work Together

Want to feel better in your body, empowered by your health, and actually enjoy food again — without any guilt attached? No matter where you are in your wellness journey, there’s a Food Confidence fix for you.


   our food frustrations are about to become a thing of the past. 

Hi, I’m Danielle Omar — Registered Dietitian, Wellness Coach, and Healthy Eating Expert obsessed with helping women in midlife (and women approaching midlife!) understand the root of their food confidence problems, so we can figure out lasting solutions together. 


Thrive Private 1:1 Coaching

A one-on-one coaching program designed for busy women who are ready to lose weight and feel better in their bodies.

Throughout this 3-month program, we’ll work together to create a customized health plan to help you reach your goals — so they don’t feel as impossible as they do right now. 

Having me on your side 24/7 to offer you guidance, support, and expert advice is invaluable, but what’s even more important is having someone who sees the potential in you that you can’t always see in yourself.



You want a Registered Dietitian in your back pocket, supporting you along your wellness journey, helping you get real results that work for your lifestyle.

90-Minute Strategy Sessions 


You want a Registered Dietitian in your back pocket, supporting you along your wellness journey, helping you get real results that work for your lifestyle.

Deep dive personalized nurition coaching sessions designed to help you make the most of your current lifestyle.

+ Am I eating enough of the right nutrients?
+ How can I sleep better?
+ Is there a way to manage perimenopause symptoms?
+ How can I incorporate intermittent fasting into my routine?
+ Why am I not losing weight, if I feel like I’m doing everything right?

…and any other health-focused questions you’re looking for professional, personalized answers to.


Strategy sessions include:

  • One 90-minute phone session or Zoom call
  • Two weeks of email or Voxer support (to implement what you've learned)
  • Digital resources and recording of Zoom session

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Food Log & Lifestyle Audit 


You’re serious about your goals, but aren’t ready to work with me privately.  
You're a take action kind of person who just needs a plan. 

You're ready to get the fundamentals down to optimize your intake and workouts to meet your health goals.

Research shows that those who track their food intake lose 2x more weight than those who don’t.

But logging your food is only the first step.

How many people know what to do with that data?  Very few.

That’s where I come in.

Because I know exactly what your food logs reveal about you. And just a few of my nutrition tweaks can change everything for your  long-term health, literally overnight. 


  • You’ll complete a brief intake form and start logging your lifestyle and intake data for 7 days
  • I'll deep dive into every aspect of your logs - from what you eat to your sleep, mood and exercise. 
  • Once your review is complete, I'll send over your personalized audit video with strategies to realistically and sustainably meet your goals.  I'll map out what you can change, what you’re doing well, and provide solid recommendations and resources you can start implementing right now.  
  • You'll have two full weeks of email support after recieving your audit to make sure you feel confident in how to move forward and to get all your questions answered.

Here's how it works: 

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Nutrition and Health Writing


You’re in need of engaging, professional blogs or articles written by a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition specialist for your brand.

As a published author of two best-selling cookbooks, nothing lights me up more than writing about food, nutrition, and health-related blogs & articles.

I regularly write for my healthy food blog, and am a frequent contributor to various food, health, and lifestyle outlets, like Healthy Aperture, MyFitnessPal, Wild Blueberries, the Hass Avocado Board, and Fit Formula Wellness.

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Media and Brand Partnerships


You care about delivering key nutrition messages to your audience and consumers via all different types of mediums.

Looking for a like-minded health and nutrition expert to represent your brand?

I have experience delivering key nutrition messages to both the media and consumers via broadcast and print interviews, virtual product launches, webinars, consumer or media events, representation at professional and consumer trade shows, social media engagement, writing sponsored blog posts/articles, and as an expert speaker.

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Past Partnerships:

Pure Encapsulations, Cabot Cheese, Pistachio Health Institute, KIND, Clif Bar, The Almond Board, Horizon Milk, Fit Formula Wellness, Eggland’s Best, California Milk Advisory Board, Haas Avocado Board, Wild Blueberry Association of North America, National Honey Board, Way Better Snacks, Welch’s, Kelloggs, California Sweetpotatoes, The Cranberry Institute, Healthy Aperture, Tessemae’s, Thick-to-Thin Exercise Apparel, Life Fuels, Cal-Ez, My Fitness Pal, Truvia, RX Bar, and Teeccino

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Recipe Development 
and Food Photography

I’ll develop, test, and photograph new recipes or makeover existing recipes to highlight specific foods or nutrients, showcase a current food trend, or illustrate the latest nutrition science.

I specialize in plant-based foods, and can develop recipes that require specific preparations and ingredient requirements (e.g. vegetarian, raw, vegan, GF, DF, etc.).

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You want to show off your brand, products, or content in a way that your audience won’t be able to resist. 

“I have finally found the secret to living a joyful, healthy lifestyle thanks to Danielle’s gentle guidance.”

“She helped me to understand the WHY behind many of my behaviors that have caused me to have an unhealthy relationship with food, encouraging me to dig deep into my beliefs, examine my patterns of behavior, and understand the inner chatter.  Now, I’m comfortable feeling my feelings instead of eating them. Thanks to Danielle, I have finally discovered food freedom, and I am SO grateful.”


    hat Do the Results Look Like?

“We owe it to ourselves to live our best lives, but sometimes we need help along the way — and because of Danielle, I am so close to my healthy weight and I feel GREAT.”

“Danielle definitely has a gift when it comes to helping people with what is truly behind unhealthy eating habits. She genuinely listens to what is going on in your life, makes a personalized plan for you, and proves that she cares.  Before working with her, I felt defeated. I wouldn’t even participate in family events when I felt overweight. Danielle has changed that — and I’m finally living my life again for the first time in many years.”


“After working with Danielle, I now have a toolbox full of techniques and methods to help me figure out what I'm feeling and what my beliefs are around it."

"Danielle is a huge bright light. She has an infectious excitement about what she does. The thing that makes her so real is not taking herself too seriously. She often uses her own situations as examples of what she is teaching. She calls it like she sees it and she’s never afraid to share her personal experiences to help me understand. She's open, honest and ready to help you get where you want to go. 

LINDA learned to trust herself



What is it costing you NOT getting help losing weight and creating a richer, fuller, and more meaningful life?

You’re not losing weight each week because you’re not in alignment with your goals.

You’re not getting the support you need to create and practice new habits.

You’re not reframing your limiting beliefs – you know, the ones that are keeping you stuck.

You’re not learning how to see your food triggers and change your automatic responses to them.

let me ask you

Every week that goes by that you waste struggling to figure it all out on your own is a week that you’re not living the life you want, in the body you want.

Weeks can add up to months. Months add up to years. And too many women are struggling way longer than necessary and give up at the first sight of failure.

But you are ready for something different. 

      ow about we find a solution that fits your lifestyle?

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