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The Best Plant-Based Instant Pot Recipes [Winter Edition]

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Whether you’re new to the Instant Pot or use it often, you know how time-saving it can be. It can help you get a complete meal ready with hardly any effort, making it the perfect kitchen gadget for busy weekdays. 

Here are a few of my favorite plant based Instant Pot recipes that everyone will love! 

Growing up my mom used her pressure cooker all the time. I never quite understood what it was or how it worked, I just know it cooked food really fast. She used it cook tougher cuts of meat very quickly (like for beef stew) and she also made an amazing Italian potato-green-bean-tomato dish that I still love today.    

I love my Instant Pot, but when I first got it I had a hard time finding healthy, plant-based recipes that weren’t just variations of chili. Since then, I’ve done my research online and collected a few tasty recipes. Remember these Thanksgiving favorites?  

To help you out this winter, I’ve curated this tasty roundup of 15 Dietitian-approved (aka super healthy and totally delicious!) plant-based recipes to make using your Instant Pot or pressure cooker. I hope you find one that you love! 

Quinoa Porridge with Golden Milk

Emily Kyle calls this recipe sunshine in a bowl, and I can see why. She uses quinoa instead of oats and turmeric-rich golden milk, creating this beautiful colored porridge, perfect for those mornings when you’re on the go, but want something warm and hearty.  Add in your favorite fruits and berries for some natural sweetness. Frozen Wild Blueberries would be perfect here!

No-Knead Instant Pot Whole Wheat Rosemary Bread

Rosemary bread is one of my all-time favorites and Alex of Delish Knowledge delivers with this Instant Pot recipe that doesn’t required kneading – something this non-baker totally appreciates. Not only that, proofing it in your instant pot cuts down your time by half. Love this! 

Raspberry French Toast Casserole

Warm, hearty and comforting, that’s what you get with this french toast casserole from the lovely ladies at Read Food Dietitians. This recipe is freezer-friendly, too, making it an easy option for busy weekdays. It’s also a great way to use leftover or stale bread. It tastes amazing and is guaranteed to impress. Mix things up by adding your favorite berries!

Butternut Squash Risotto

Making risotto can be tricky. This tasty combo of rice and broth requires a little more attention than your average dish, and may even be a little intimidating for some.  That’s why I love this recipe from my dietitian friend, Kara Lydon. She achieves the same savory stove-top deliciousness with her Instant Pot. Try this recipe and you’ll have a restaurant-style risotto ready in under 40-minutes!

Lasagna with Red Lentils

Want some healthy comfort food? That’s exactly what you get with this recipe from Vegan Richa. What I like about this recipe is that you can make it as thick and creamy…or keep it light. The red lentils give this recipe an added protein and fiber boost, too which helps to keep you full. 

Cacio e Pepe with Crispy Chickpeas

If you’re craving mac and cheese but want something a little healthier, I’ve got your back. Tieghan at Half Baked Harvest came up with this genius recipe incorporating crispy chickpeas with pasta. The result is delicious and bound to be a new favorite! This dish makes for a great packed lunch if you have leftovers, but I doubt you will.

BBQ Lentil Sloppy Joes

This easy Sloppy Joe recipe from Emilie Eats is the perfect balance between sweet, tangy and spicy. Add your favorite toppings…like avocado, mustard, lettuce, or red onions, and be sure to make some extra because everyone loves a Sloppy Joe! 

Quinoa Enchiladas

My girl Alex is at it again with her Instant Pot take on traditional enchiladas. It’s high in fiber and protein from the quinoa and chock full of amazing Mexican flavor.  Make a big batch of the enchilada sauce and freeze the leftover for next time.

Green Bean Casserole

I love Kara’s plant-based version of your classic Green bean casserole. Pin this recipe for next Thanksgiving and let your Instant Pot do the heavy lifting. It’s just as creamy and full of flavor as oven-baked, in just 30-minutes. 

Mushroom and Lentil Stroganoff

I love this plant-based alternative to beef stroganoff from Rebecca at Nourish Nutrition. This recipe is perfect for cold winter nights and will warm you up this season.

Veggie Curry

This vegetarian curry recipe from Katie at Healthy Seasonal Recipes is one of my favorites! I love all types of curries and this one uses delicata squash, which is so fun. Of course you can add any veggie you want to this dish, and that’s what makes it great! Serve it over some brown rice for added texture.   

Butternut Squash Soup

Cold winter weather and comforting soups always go hand in hand. This Instant Pot version from Whitney at the Sweet Cayenne is a go-to foolproof soup recipe. You can serve this soup immediately or save it for later and it tastes just as good.

Mexican Quinoa Stew

Sometimes you just want a good bowl of stew. And what’s better than a black bean and quinoa stew? The lovely Kate over at Cookie and Kate shares all her secrets for the perfect bowl. It’s full of fiber and protein that will keep you full and satisfied. Garnish with cilantro and lime for some zing!  

Eggplant Parmesan

When it comes to eggplant, you either love it or you hate it. But this recipe from Alex at Delish Knowledge should convince even the haters. I would never have thought to use my Instant pot for Eggplant Parmesan, and now I’m hooked. She turns this somewhat laborious dish into easy peasy delish. 

Instant Pot Applesauce

Applesauce is one of those things that once you know how to make it yourself, you’ll never buy it again. That’s why I love this instant pot recipe from Katie at Moms Kitchen Handbook. You can control the sweetness of your applesauce and add in your preferred spices. She uses a tasty mix of ginger and cinnamon in her recipe, but feel free to experiment! 


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