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Pasta Salad with Wild Blueberries

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This pasta salad is sure to please all summer long. It’s antioxidant rich, high in fiber, super flavorful, and so pretty to look at!

Pasta Salad with Wild Blueberries

I love cold pasta, especially when the weather gets warmer. It’s the perfect way to highlight the best of what spring and summer has to offer. For this pasta salad I used English peas from Trader Joe’s and my favorite microgreens from Whole Foods. I also snuck in a ton of fiber by using a whole grain Orecchiette. The Orecchiette was a perfect fit because the English peas and Wild Blueberries naturally fall right into the “little ears” of the pasta. If you can’t find those, the shell style pasta would work great, too! Any veggie would also work with this dish, as would your favorite microgreen for the base. The “drunken goat cheese” added a tangy flavor and holds up well being tossed around in the pasta.

Wild Blueberry Pasta with Peas and Microgreens

Hany is not a huge fan of whole grain pasta so it was kind of fun disguising it by stirring in a cup of Wild Blueberries, which turned the unappetizing brown pasta salad into a gorgeous purple!

Wild Blueberry Pasta with Peas and MicrogreensSo the next time you have veggies in your fridge that need cooking (I know you do) just steam ’em up and toss them into a cold pasta salad. Chopped baby spinach or baby kale would be great, as would sauteed asparagus, broccoli, roasted corn, or zucchini. Then just toss it all together with a vinaigrette dressing. So simple and such a great way to use up your produce!

Wild Blueberry Pasta with Peas and Microgreens

I created this pasta salad for the folks over at Wild Blueberries, so head over there by clicking here to get the recipe. Enjoy!

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