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You’ve Got Questions, I’ve Got Answers

As an integrative dietitian and empowerment coach with 20+ years of experience, my main goal is to help women age well, feel confident in their bodies, and create the healthy lifestyle they desire and deserve.
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21-days clean eating detoxOn January 1st, I shared that my Clean Eating Detox is open for enrollment.

I’m excited to get started and already love the incredible community that’s forming. I can’t wait to support my detoxers as they experience a transformation in the way they think and feel about food — along with dropping some excess weight, ending bloat and shlumpiness, and just feeling good.

We start our Detox as a group on January 20th (prep week starts January 13th), but if you enroll by 12:00 midnight ET, January 5th, you can save $40 and get exclusive access to me on the community page before we get started. You’ll even get an Early Bird gift — my Fearless Cooking ebook, so you can detox your kitchen and pantry, too. Getting your mind, body and kitchen ready can make all the difference when you detox, and it will give you the confidence you need to rock it out, right from day one!

So if you’ve been thinking about detox, the time is now!  You can join us by registering here.

Still have these questions?

I have young kids and I’m concerned I won’t be able to do this and feed my family. How time consuming will it be and will I need cook/eat separate from them?  

detox foodWe eat fresh, whole foods during the detox. There is nothing that you will be eating that your kids cannot also enjoy.  The level of “newness” will really depend on what you are feeding your kids now and how much that differs from a whole food approach.

Is coffee and other caffeine out? What about decaf?    

Yup, coffee is not in your cup during detox, decaf included. Coffee is acidic and dehydrating and caffeine is a stimulant that is not a friend to your detox organs. However, I’ve got you covered with some awesome coffee replacements that will have you saying coffee who?

Will I be hungry on the detox?

This question comes up a lot because many people associate eating healthy with feeling hungry or deprived. My detox is not about putting you on a calorie restrictive diet. It’s about feeding your body delicious, nourishing food that will satiate you. While you may feel a little hungry the first 2 days as your body adjusts to this new way of eating, you can always enjoy one of the delicious snack options in your detox cookbook.

I live on the go, all of the time. Is a detox for me?

I’m a busy mom and business owner, so I understand busy!  I designed this detox to work with a busy lifestyle, however, if you currently eat out every meal or rely wholly on prepared foods, you will have to spend some extra time in the kitchen. You will receive your detox recipes and meal plan in plenty of time to go food shopping and do some food prep the weekend before the detox starts.

What is the format of the group calls?

The group calls are accessible by telephone. On the calls I will share the relevant “how” and “why” of each phase of the detox, review the protocol and guidelines for the entirety of the detox, explain how to transition out of the detox, and provide support with live participants in a Q+A section.

Is there time for Q & A on the call?

There is ample time for live Q+A for whoever can make it to the live calls. I also provide 24/7 dedicated support on the private group Facebook page. This is where the bulk of your questions will be answered throughout the duration of the detox, as you’re living through it.

What if I can’t make the calls live?

If you can’t make it live, no worries. The link to the recording (including the MP3 for download) of the class will be emailed and posted on your Facebook page soon after the live session, so you can listen whenever it’s convenient for you.

Will we receive handouts or materials, in addition to the call?

The 21-Day Clean Eating Detox delivers comprehensive print materials including:

  • A daily protocol and cookbook including sample meal plans and tons of recipes to carry you through the 21 day experience – and beyond!
  • A Detox Guidebook containing all you need to know about detoxification, plus detailed information on food rules, supplements, detox replenishers, and lots of other goodies to support your detox
  • A Pre-Detox Questionnaire to compare your results before and after the detox, plus daily logs for keeping a journal of your experience
  • Transition guide for moving out of your detox and back into your life
  • Handouts and tip sheets for eating out, travelling on detox, and ways to enhance your experience
  • ….and more!

Can I adjust the recipes and daily protocol to accommodate my particular dietary needs?

Yes! All the recipes are gluten free and dairy free. If you have specific food sensitivities or allergies, just let me know and I will help you adjust as necessary. As you transition out of the detox, you might discover sensitivities you hadn’t noticed before. I will help you figure this out on the Facebook page so you can make permanent dietary changes that will allow you to continue feeling great, long term.

What if I can’t start the detox on January 20?

You can start the detox any time after January 20th. I recommend you listen to the class recordings before you begin and still use the Facebook page for questions and additional resources. The detox is fully supported through February 16th so you can start up any time before that and still receive support.

Can I participate if I live outside the United States?

Absolutely! You can participate from anywhere in the world.

Can I do the detox when I’m traveling?

I don’t recommend doing the Detox during any long travel plans or vacation time, but it can be done while on short 2-3 day trips. I will help you prepare for this – just ask me how on the Facebook page!

Have additional questions? Email me at and ask!  Otherwise, head on over here to get yourself registered!

Prep week begins January 13th  —  but the Early Bird pricing ends Sunday night at Midnight Eastern. Register NOW and save $40.

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