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Raspberry Almond Butter

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raspberry almond butter spread

This month’s recipe redux challenge is to raise the bar on food in jars. Well, it’s really about canning. But I don’t do much canning and besides smoothies, I don’t really eat out of jars. I’m a bowl kinda gal. However, I do make a few things and store them in jars. My favorites are chia seed pudding and nut butter. I will eat just about any nut butter put in front of me, but I’m in love with peanut butter. Who isn’t, right? I make and enjoy almond butter, too…but it’s not as easy for me to eat straight from the jar like peanut butter.

Inspired by my friend and fellow reduxer EA Stewart (aka @TheSpicyRD), who made this luscious Toasted Vanilla Maple Pecan Nut Butter (yum), I decided to take a stab at doctoring up some almond butter myself.

I will admit that I went the easy route and used ingredients I had on hand, but isn’t that what cooking is all about?  It is for me.

fresh raspberriesRaspberries are what I had on hand, and raspberries almond butter spread is what I made!

blendedberriesI threw about a cup of fresh raspberries into my Vitamix along with two tablespoons of raw honey and a squirt of lemon.


I then poured the berries mixture into the Mason jar and added the almond butter.  It looked quite pretty together.

raspberry almond butter

I mixed it all together well and this is the final delicious result.

A couple of things you might like to know: 

1 – Raspberries rock. But they aren’t particularly sweet. You might need to adjust the sweetener to your taste. I don’t like it too sweet, so 2 tablespoons of honey were just enough for me.

2 – You could make this recipe just as easily by heating up the raspberry-sugar-lemon combination and then mixing it together.

3 – You could also use any other berry combination you wanted. Fresh strawberries would be awesome, too.

4 – Peak late summer season red raspberries are ready to eat right now at your grocery store. For the best tasting berry, always keep them refrigerated and wait to rinse with tap water until just before eating!

I hope I inspired you to make your own flavored nut butter!  There are so many possibilities, I can’t wait to make a spicy version next.

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