Consultant & Spokesperson

Danielle enjoys working with and representing like-minded brands. She has experience delivering key nutrition messages to both the media and consumers via broadcast and print interviews, virtual product launches and webinars, consumer or media events, representative at professional and consumer trade shows, satellite media tour, social media engagement, writing branded blogs and articles and as an as an expert speaker.

Brands Danielle has partnered with:

  • Cabot Cheese
  • Pistachio Health Institute
  • KIND
  • Clif Bar
  • The Almond Board
  • Horizon Milk
  • Eggland’s Best
  • California Milk Advisory Board
  • Wild Blueberry Association of North America
  • National Honey Board
  • Way Better Snacks
  • Welchs
  • Kelloggs
  • California Sweetpotatoes
  • Ellie
  • Vitamix
  • Vital Choice

Corporate Wellness Speaker

Danielle also offers a variety of informative and interactive corporate nutrition seminars to help employees take control of their food choices and health with a practical, engaging approach to eating well.  She enjoys presenting keynotes, workshops and seminars to corporations, networking groups, fitness centers, and professional associations looking to support their members in improving their health.

Sample Corporate Wellness Seminars:

  • Nutrition Secrets that Radically Reduce Stress
  • Eating for Focus, Energy and Performance
  • Nutrition On-the-Go for Busy Professionals
  • The Working Parent’s Guide to Weight Loss
  • Virtual Grocery Store Tour
  • Culinary and cooking demonstrations

Danielle’s work is about feeling confident in choosing what to eat, enjoying real, nutritious food found in regular grocery stores, creating healthy habits for the whole family and, above all: seeing positive results from your food choices!

Past Clients Include:

  • Connelly Works
  • Fit Mommi
  • Council for Responsible Nutrition
  • Bliss Integrated
  • National Association of Counties
  • Pace Global
  • Partner MD
  • Virginia Spine Institute
  • Computer Electronics Corporation
  • Corporate Fitness Works
  • Fairfax County Public Schools
  • Oakton Montessori
  • American Legacy Foundation
  • Privia Health
  • Shady Grove Fertility
  • Wells Fargo

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