Kung Pao Tempeh -- awesome veggie dinner when you're craving Chinese food!

Kung Pao Tempeh

Kung Pao Tempeh -- awesome veggie dinner when you're craving Chinese food!

Eating a primarily plant-based diet can leave you wanting more when it comes to some cuisines. Chinese food is one of them. Except for Eggplant with Garlic Sauce, Chinese veggie dishes are a bit of a drag. It’s either a ton of greasy noodles with broccoli or a soggy tofu dish. I don’t mind a good Vegetable Chow Mein, but it’s hard to come by. That being the case, I rarely enjoy Chinese food. Instead, I tend to experiment at home re-creating the great flavor of Chinese food using tempeh.

Kung Pao Tempeh #vegan #glutenfree #dinner #chinesefood

This Kung Pao Tempeh was inspired by this recipe using chickpeas. I subbed the chickpeas for tempeh and gave it my own twist. It was delicious. I find that many people think it’s the meat that makes a dish taste good. This is a prime example of how that is not always the case. It’s not the meat that makes this dish delicious, it’s the Kung Pao sauce. Master the sauce and you can have Kung Pao anything.

Kung Pao sauce with tempeh #vegan

Tempeh is a great way to experiment with Asian-inspired flavors because it soaks up the sauce so well. If you’re looking for more recipes, try one of these. Tempeh is much more meat-like in texture than tofu and a lot healthier. It also soaks up the delicious flavor that makes Chinese food so good!

Kung Pao Tempeh #vegan #dinnerFor the recipe, head on over to my Inspired Vegetarian column on Healthy Aperture. You can find it here. And don’t forget, you can eat tons more clean food just like this on my Nourish:21 Days of Clean Eating program that starts April 13th. Learn more about it below.

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  1. Katie @ Mom to Mom Nutrition
    Katie @ Mom to Mom Nutrition says:

    I’ve always been a little intimidated by making homemade Chinese food…. but your photos + recipe have me SOLD on giving it another shot. YUM!

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