Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to Feel Like Work

You are a busy man or woman who is ready to upgrade your health. Between work, family, and a never-ending to-do list, you have little time for much else. You want to eat healthy, lose weight, start eating clean, or just feel better, but your busy life gets in the way.

If you’re ready to make food (and the grocery store) your partner in living a healthy lifestyle, you’re in the right place!

Who I Work With

I work with heart-centered women who don’t want their busy lives to compromise a healthy diet.

They suffer from information overload! They don’t know how to sort through all the nutrition noise to find a plan that works for their unique lifestyle.

Did I mention my clients are busy? They barely have time to shop, much less research the latest superfood! They are ready and willing to make big changes now. They are action-takers who know that if given expert support and a customized plan, they can implement it to success.

Work With Me

“Get Healthy” Coaching Package:

Have you noticed that as your schedule gets busier, your pant size gets bigger?

This might sound silly, but it’s a reality. I’ve seen it over and over again. The more full (aka busy) a person’s life gets, the less healthy they become. Very few people are super busy and the epitome of good health.

At the same time, you love your busy life. I know I love mine! I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So the question becomes, can we live our full busy lives without sacrificing our health?

I know we can. I’ve done it myself and I’ve trained hundreds of others to do it, too.

You can have it all and still be healthy. What does it take?

Let me be straight with you, it does take effort. First and foremost, it’s a choice. Eating healthy, especially when you’re super busy, has to be a priority.

Now that we’ve established that, let’s move on.

Here’s how I can help you Get Healthy:

I’m going to thoroughly assess your situation. This means you’ll complete an intake form so that I can customize our session for exactly what you need to get healthy. After that, I’m going to outline the action steps you need to take to meet your expressed goals. Your personal strategy will include not only your immediate course of action, but will also include a plan for specific life areas where you struggle most. I will also make sure you have the resources and support you need to carry out the plan to ensure your success.

As a result of this coaching program, you will…

  • Have the confidence to command any food situation you encounter
  • No longer use being “busy” as an excuse for living an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Have the tools to stay consistent for the long haul, and the know-how to stay on track

The “Get Healthy” package includes:

The Confessional
This is your pre-work. Completing my intake form and one week of food logs will allow me to understand you and your lifestyle challenges, and is critical for me to adequately help you.

Comprehensive Health Assessment 
In addition to creating a meal plan and strategy that is 100% tailored to your needs, I will also conduct a complete health assessment. I will review your health and exercise history, nutrition concerns, lab data, supplement regimen, and evaluate any symptoms you’re having. This comprehensive assessment will help me to create a strategy for you that will not only meet your nutrition goals, but will also take your health to the next level.

3 Private Follow-Up Coaching Sessions  
My coaching sessions are where the magic happens. I am not only learning more about you and your busy schedule, I am figuring out what’s getting in the way of you being your healthiest self. In these follow-up sessions we will address other lifestyle factors that may contribute to your health and wellness. These sessions offer a way for us to create harmony between what you eat, your busy lifestyle, your health goals, and your palate.

Your Personal Get Healthy Action Plan
After my assessment and our initial session, I’ll craft your personal action plan. You’ll know the exact next steps you need to take to achieve the results you’re looking for. No more fad diets or following the next diet craze. No more wondering how you will stay healthy as your life gets more and more full and exciting! You’ll get the clarity and specifics you’ve been longing for with direction that is easy to follow. With your action plan in hand, you will feel empowered and know exactly what to do.

In case you’re wondering, it doesn’t matter what you want to achieve (weight loss, healing digestive issues, personal detox, creating a clean eating lifestyle, or even training for your first 10K), we will create a plan specifically for your busy life!

Email Support

I believe the road to food confidence is paved with good intentions. I also know that life happens. It seems that as soon as you start taking action to eat better you are immediately confronted with crazy food situations and unexpected emotions. This is why I won’t leave you hanging. During our time together and for 30 days after your final follow-up session, you have full access to me via email. You can email me anytime and I’ll answer any questions or concerns that came up since our session. I want you to be successful, stay on track, and make permanent changes in your life, so I have your back.

What Else Do You Get?

Included in your coaching package is exclusive access to my client-only resources. These are my best resources to help you work through your action plan successfully. Whether you’re looking for recipes, meal plan templates, food logs, grocery lists, resource guides, where to find specific products, service referrals, self-care tips, or something else, I have just the thing that will help make your transition to being busy and healthy that much easier.

You can be busy and healthy! It’s not impossible when you put healthy eating to work in your life. Let me show you how.

Ready to Get Started?

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What people are saying….

I wanted to let you know what a difference the information you provided has made for me! Since the end of April I have lost 24 pounds and have gone from a size 12 to a size 6! Your “cleaner eating” guidelines totally clicked with me and I was able to make the necessary changes very easily and have found them very easy and natural to follow. I am confident and really happy with myself for the first time in a very long time and my energy level is amazing. So huge thank you, it has been absolutely life changing for me!

Colleen R.

I had stalled in my weight loss. I had lost 30 pounds but wanted to lose 10 more. I was exercising but not losing weight and I always felt hungry. Danielle took the time to get to know me, my food likes and dislikes. She tailored my meal plan to my schedule, foods that I like, and even opened my eyes to some new foods. And it wasn’t just about food, she also got me to add weight training and Pilates to my workout plan. I have learned to eat healthier. I eat out less. I run a whole lot better! I am a smarter person when it comes to nutrition. Also, I have found that my craving for junk food is almost nonexistent! It is hard work for me – the whole eating better and exercising thing – but I know when I stay focused the rewards are well worth it!

Mary S.

Danielle is a caring professional that really takes the time to understand where her clients are at and builds a plan that makes sense based on their lifestyle. Her knowledge of nutrition paired with her understanding that we are all people and won’t be perfect allows her to build a plan that you can stick to. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to build in healthier practices into my busy life. Her advice has been invaluable and I would recommend her to anyone. She is the type of person who is great for any situation if you need to make big drastic changes or if you just want to become better educated about how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Nicole H.