Food Finds: Great Smoothie Add-Ins

It’s Friday Food Finds!  Today I’m happy to share awesome smoothie-making food finds with you.  Just a few fun things you can add to your smoothies to increase the nutritional value, the flavor and overall deliciousness!

Here we go:

PB2Peanut butter powder is great to use when you want the flavor of peanuts but not texture or volume of peanut butter itself.  You can also sprinkle some on top for garnish!



The purple Chilean maqui berry is a great shot of superfood power!  It’s antioxidant-rich and contains vitamin C, calcium, iron and potassium, and other anti-inflammatory compounds. It’s tart fruity flavor will sweeten up your smoothie.


Ginger is a tasty addition to your smoothie and great for a “warming” effect on chilly days.  Try adding one teaspoon of freshly grated ginger at first, then add more to taste! Blends well with pineapple!


Hemp seeds add a little protein to your smoothie.  Sometimes I don’t want the bulk of protein powder in my drink and hemp seeds hit the spot!


What’s YOUR favorite smoothie-add in?


Danielle Omar is a nutritionist for busy men and women, focusing on creating personal eating strategies through her signature approach, “Learn it, Live it, Love it.” She loves helping working parents, busy families, and stressed out professionals change the way they think about food. Join Danielle’s newsletter for inspiration and tips to help you become a confident eater.
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