NatureBox: My New Favorite Snacks

I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first.  When the folks at NatureBox offered to send me some samples of their snacks, I thought to myself…what could they possibly send me that would knock my socks off?  The first image that came to mind was Veggie Straws…and I figured it was just another food company trying to pass off their highly processed food in a bag as healthy.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Move over Veggie Straws….this is what “veggie chips” should look like!  Aren’t they beautiful?

Let me introduce you to NatureBox.  This cute little company sends a surprise snack box to your house each month.  It’s like the snack-of the-month club.  They sent me March’s sample pack to taste…and I am hooked.

Here’s  a sneak peek at the contents of my box: 5 bags of treats — each bag contains 2-3 servings.

What do I like about these snacks?  None of the products contain high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, or artificial colors.  So that’s a plus right there.  I also like that the snacks are foods me and my family would be eating anyway.

In the March box I received:  


Dried Bing cherries

Veggie chips

Firecracker chips — I was least excited to taste…but when I did, they were delicious.

And whole wheat figgy bars, which got eaten before I could photograph.  Well, I did have one left.

So there you have it!  Wouldn’t you love to get this great little box every month on your doorstep?  I know I would…saves me the time to gather up snacks and I love the idea of not knowing what’s coming.  And guess what?  The lovely folks over at NatureBox are offering you a discount!  The cost of a membership is just $19.95/month, but use the promo code HEALTHY and get 25% off your first order of a month to month subscription OR subscribe for 6 months and receive 1 month free (or a 12- month subscription gets 3 months free).

All I can say to that is….Happy Snacking!

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  1. Shannon Cherry
    Shannon Cherry says:

    Can I say YUM?

    I’ve been searching for some healthier snack options for my six-year old twins and this sounds like a great way to try different things!

    My kids love dried cranberries so I bet the cherries would be a hit. (But is it cannibalism to eat cherries when our last name is Cherry? LOL!)

    I’d love to know more about the firecracker chips. Are they spicy? What are they made of?

  2. Danielle Omar
    Danielle Omar says:

    No, they aren’t spicy…they have an Asian flavor…umami I think they call it? They’re made with rice and spices…paprika, garlic, etc! Very tasty!

  3. Margo DeGange
    Margo DeGange says:

    Danielle, thanks for letting us know about these great snacks. This is news to me for sure.

    I love the look of them all, and the photos of the Firecracker Chips, Veggie Chips, and Bing Cherries make me want some now!

    I had to crack up laughing at your ONE Figgy Bar! I bet they were yummy!

    Thanks for being our amazing health coach and keeping us posted on good fuel for our bodies!



  4. Luci
    Luci says:

    Shannon – NatureBox snacks are delish! A couple of months ago they sent dried cranberries and they were the best ones I have ever eaten.

  5. Gina Bell
    Gina Bell says:

    Hey Danielle… LOVE the pics. By the third one my mouth was starting to water. I’ll definitely check out NatureBox. Love the idea of it being a recurring order that I can set, forget and enjoy. Fingers crossed it’s available for gals like me in Canada. xo

  6. Charisse
    Charisse says:

    I just “liked” this page on FaceBook. I also just joined the NatureBox membership today. They have had their link on the side of ScaryMommy’s blog for a while now and I have gone back and forth on whether or not I want to do this – but I figured that it is such a small amount of money that I would go ahead and try it out. I am glad that I found your review, though, to know that they are full-sized bags and not snack-sized bags!!!

  7. jccook
    jccook says:

    Happy to find your company and products. Looking forward to enjoying your services and products. I do like good, healthy, tasty food. jccook, Seattle, Wash

  8. suzanne tyler rd ldn
    suzanne tyler rd ldn says:

    Suffice to say, these higher fiber, portable healthy
    snacks make real sense and look so yummy…

    thanks Danielle

  9. anil
    anil says:


    Are NatureBox snacks any good for Diabetics? Need low Sugar, low Sodium. , low Calories, low fat, low Carbs and High Potassium.

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