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I recently got together with a few local Food 52 friends for another fabulous DC potluck (I still remember the cookie swap – yum!).  It was a perfect day to enjoy delicious home-cooked delights inspired by the food community at Food52.  The only rules of our potluck are to bring a dish inspired from the site.  As usual, everyone brought their a-game best!

At Food52, you’re known by your handle (find me at 2eatwellRD).  The dish I brought was a tangy Brussel’s Sprouts Salad with Lemon and Pecorino, submitted by Merrill, the co-founder of Food52 (find her at Merrill).  Why did I choose it?  Well, I love to bring salad to a potluck, and I had Brussels in my fridge that needed cooking (it was also super easy to make).

The following mouthwatering pictures are a credit to Julia (find her at Queen of Green).  She brought the contest-winning dish, Absurdly Addictive Asparagus.

Our lovely hostess, Jennifer (find her at Jestei) served up a refreshing Rosemary Lemon Sparkler cocktail and these delicious Chocolate Orange Madeleines.
Cathy B., the Queen of Charcutepalooza (find her at Mrs. Wheelbarrow), brought a few savory delights: Lamb Merguez, Breakfast Sausage, and these creamy cheesy Grits.
The other Cathy B. (find her at Working Stiff) made one of my favorite dishes of the day, Roasted Fennel and White Bean Dip.  I could have eaten the entire platter of this tasty dip.  My new go-to appetizer for parties.
Linda (find her at Burnt Offerings) brought her own gorgeous Asparagus in Lemongrass Aspic.  Do you see the flowers and the lemongrass inside? Isn’t this amazing?
Linda also brought her Asparagus Zucchini and Ricotta Tart.

I know, you’re wondering how much more food could there be?  But there’s more!

There were quite a few lamb dishes at the table.  In addition to Cathy’s Lamb Merguez, Alicia (find her at Weekly Greens) brought Three Kinds of Lamb with Two Sauces and Maddie (find her at Cook Like Mad) brought Curried Lamb Chops with Kiwi Mint Sauce.

Susan (find her at Calendar Girl) brought this cozy Warm Potato Salad with Wild Ramp Pesto.

Sally (find her at Sally Can) makes the best homemade cheeses and she did not disappoint.  Her contribution included several luscious dishes and sauces: my second favorite dish of the day, her Blueberry Breakfast Casserole made with last summer’s Canarama Cherries; homemade Cream Cheese and Chaource with Fig and Lemon Jam; and a crusty and delicious Ricotta Whey Barley Bread.

Steve, our only male ’52er (find him at Steven Lee Myers) brought a perfectly cooked Swiss Chard Tart, made with his own home-grown Swiss chard.

If you like horseradish, you’ll love Sue’s (my mom) Bar Cheese submitted by In Pat’s Kitchen.

And finally…we can’t forget dessert.  Christine (find her at cheese1227) topped off our feast with a decadent and delicious Chocolate Coconut Cake with Ganache.   This beauty speaks for itself.

As you can see, we ate well!  I hope these pictures inspire you in the kitchen and give you the confidence to post and share some of your own treasured recipes or everyday favorites on Food52.

You never know where your dish may end up!

Danielle Omar, MS, RD

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  1. Alysa Bajenaru, RD
    Alysa Bajenaru, RD says:

    You are so right, this post definitely made me hungry! Everything looks so delicious! What a fun way to get together and share a passion for good food.

  2. EA-The Spicy RD
    EA-The Spicy RD says:

    What a fun potluck! Your Brussel's Sprouts looks delicious and I actually have all the ingredients at home to make it. Thanks for sharing all the recipes!

  3. Danielle Omar
    Danielle Omar says:

    Thanks! It's a great recipe…can stand up to elegant party or week night dinner! Let me know how it turns out.

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